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Welcome to 'Finger Kingdom Light' - Half the fat but twice as confusing

See all the short versions of the episodes here. Or watch them via the Finger Kingdom channel on

The full length versions (twice as long) are only available on the DVD

Episode 1: The Knights Quest To The Land Of The Giants


The Prince is interested in 10 pin bowling, so the King decides to build a bowling alley in the castle. Unfortunately, it will take a very long time to build unless it is built by a giant. So the King sends the Knight on a quest to find a Giant.


Episode 2: Black Pudding


The King would like some black pudding. But what is it exactly? The Knight is sent on a quest to find out.


Episode 3: Outlaws


Stand and deliver, your money or your life! The King thought "choose life" was a bad idea, and handed over his money, but the Chief Adviser has a cunning plan to catch the outlaw.


Episode 4: Jousting


The Princess is interested in jousting. So after a brief run in with the council over planning permission, the King builds a tiltyard, and the contest is on!


Episode 5: Ghosts


A Ghost is haunting the castle, so the King goes in search of an exorcist.


Episode 6: The Visitor From Abroad


The Knight has gone on a foreign exchange trip and the King has difficulty communicating with his foreign replacement.