Finger Kingdom Episode Guide

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Episode 1: The Knights Quest To The Land Of The Giants

The Prince is interested in 10 pin bowling, so the King decides to build a bowling alley in the castle. Unfortunately, it will take a very long time to build unless it is built by a giant. So the King sends the Knight on a quest to find a Giant.


Episode 2: Black Pudding

The King would like some black pudding. But what is it exactly? The Knight is sent on a quest to find out.


Episode 3: Outlaws

Stand and deliver, your money or your life! The King thought "choose life" was a bad idea, and handed over his money, but the Chief Adviser has a cunning plan to catch the outlaw.


Episode 4: Jousting

The Princess is interested in jousting. So after a brief run in with the council over planning permission, the King builds a tiltyard, and the contest is on!


Episode 5: Ghosts

A Ghost is haunting the castle, so the King goes in search of an exorcist.


Episode 6: The Visitor From Abroad

The Knight has gone on a foreign exchange trip and the King has difficulty communicating with his foreign replacement.