Finger Kingdom Character Profiles

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The King  
The King isn't exactly the spiciest pepper in the pot, but he has the Chief Adviser to advise him, the Knight to go on quests and countless other minions to help him out.
The Queen  
The Queen is cleverer than the King and all his minions put together (even though she is scared of ghosts), but she would never go on quests or advise the King, because she doesn't have to. Because she is the Queen, and Queens don't do that sort of thing.
The Prince  
When the Prince isn't in trouble for generally being up to something, he is in his garden with his friend the Giant.
The Princess  
The Princess is very sensitive to lumpy things under her mattress, like canon balls and hedgehogs. She enjoys weddings, jousting and cider.
The Knight  
The Knight will ride his trusty giraffe across hill and mountain, valley and dale to carry out the wishes of the King, only he probably wouldn't have to if he didn't get lost all the time.
The Chief Adviser  
The Chief Adviser is a very old and wise wizard, maybe even a bit too old nowadays, as perhaps he isn't quite as wise as he should be.
The Witch  
Says "cackle cackle cackle" a lot. Capable of turning people into frogs, but is not very good at hide and seek.
The Dragon  
The Dragon lives in the forest. He is the scariest Dragon in the kingdom. He will only let people pass through his patch of forest if they can beat him in scaryness.
The Giant  

The Giant is a botanist and works in the Prince's garden. He enjoys wearing nice hats, like the one he is wearing in this picure.

The Man From The Council  
Whether the building is big or small, or even medium, it's this mans job to refuse planning permission.
The Outlaw  
Stand and deliver! Your money or your life! Some call him the Prince of Thieves, other call him a thieving cur. He steals from the rich and gives to the… well actually he just steals from the rich.
The Ghost  
"Woooo" said the Ghost, "I'm a ghost". (or is he?)
The Head Chef  
He works in kitchen and is very knowledgeable about black pudding.
The Foreign Knight  
This Knight is from abroad. Some say he is a bit thick, others say he isn't, it's just that because he is foreign he has difficulty communicating and as a result makes mistakes and that differing culture is to blame. In actual fact, he is a bit thick.